PET Laboratory

PET ECAT Exact HR+ 962 Scanner

The PET scanner is in a suite specially designed for its use.  It occupies a space of approximately 700 square feet divided into a room for a cyclotron and its support equipment, a PET scanner, a control room, and a hot lab.  Appropriate support rooms for patient waiting, reception and changing are available.  The scanner is a Siemens ECAT Exact HR+ 962.  It provides whole body high-resolution images for both dynamic and static imaging of the brain and body.  Three-dimensional image acquisition and reconstruction are available with this device.  


BMC Resources: Technical Scanner & Cyclotron Descriptions




▪ The PET scanner has the latest ECAT software version: V7.2.2




▪ Capintec Dose Calibrators

▪ Centrifuge

▪ Endosafe PTS

▪ Gamma Counter

▪ Gas Chromotographer

▪ Hand Warmer

▪ Hot Cell

▪ 15O Water Module

▪ Survey Meters



Residing in the ALBMC, we have acquired a cyclotron manufactured by Siemens-CTI.  This device (RDS-111) is capable of producing a full spectrum of positron-emitting radioisotopes including: 15O, 13N, 18F and 11C.  We currently produce sufficient quantities of oxygen-15 labeled water to perform cerebral PET activation studies.  In addition, this includes an on-line continuous synthesis system capable of converting cyclotron-produced 15O into 15O-labeled water, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and oxygen gas for continuous or bolus inhalation or intravenous infusion (water) to the subjects.  This system is fully automated and computer controlled thereby severely limiting or eliminating radiation exposure to personnel.