MRI Prep Room

Private Research MRI Prep Room


Room 124 in the Ahmanson-Lovelace Brain Mapping Center has been designated as a research study Prep Room. The primary objective is to provide a private location where investigators can consent subjects and provide brief instruction in preparation for MRI studies. The secondary intent pertains to 3T studies where some post-scan debriefing or testing is required. This room is also approved for biohazard work (i.e. blood draws).


Prep Room Access

All MRI certified researchers will automatically get prep room access when they apply for MRI access (BMC Access Request Form).  If you are not MRI certified, and just need prep room access please request Prep Room access separately on the form and explain. No food or drinks are allowed in the prep room. Access will be immediately revoked if any policies are violated.   



The Prep Room operates via a priority policy, rather than a formal calendar. This policy is summarized in the Prep Room flow chart. We reserve the right to revise or replace this priority policy. Please note that if your subject does not have first priority, you need to check with higher priority groups to confirm that they will not be using the room and that you need to monitor any schedule changes up to 5 PM the evening before your study to assure that a higher priority study has not been added to the calendar. Non-availability of the Prep Room is never a basis for asking for a refund, so please read and follow the priority policy carefully.


Priority Scheduling Flow Chart