Data Center

BMAP Data Center Resources

A 306-node Oracle V20z cluster. Each compute node has dual 2.4GHz AMD Opteron processors with 8GB of memory. (612 cores total)

An 80-node Oracle X2200 M2 cluster. Each compute node has dual 2.2GHz quad-core AMD Opteron processors and 16GB of memory. (640 cores total)

A 416 node HP ProLiant SL2x170z G6 cluster. Each compute node contains dual quad-core 2.66GHz Xeon 5500 processors and 24 gigabytes of memory (3,328 cores total)

8 HP DL580 G7 32-core 2.4GHz X7550 machines, each with 256GB RAM, provide the high-memory computing requirements needed for biomedical applications, particularly gene sequencing.

To complement its computational systems, the center uses high performance network attached storage (NAS) and SAN technologies to accommodate current and projected storage requirements. The facility’s current capacity is approximately 4 petabytes of online and offline storage.

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