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 Ludmila Budilo - Administrator

 Andrew Frew, PhD - 7T Manager

 James Widanta - Program Analyst

 Roger Woods, MD - Center Director

A Bruker Biospin 7.0 Tesla 30 cm clear bore MRI/MRS is operating in a 535 square foot space in the UCLA Ahmanson-Lovelace Brain Mapping Center. The instrument is capable of the full spectrum of modern neuroimaging including structural MRI, functional MRI, perfusion MRI, diffusion tensor MRI, and multinuclear MR spectroscopy.


BMC Resources: Technical Scanner Description


MRI Safety & Training


Three gradient systems are available:

1) 200 mm inner diameter with a maximum gradient strength of 200 mT/m B-GA20 300V/200A 

2) 116 mm inner diameter with a maximum gradient strength of 400 mT/m B-GA12 300V/200A 

3) 60 mm inner diameter with a maximum gradient strength of 950 mT/m B-G06 300V/100A 


A B-S20 shim system is installed with 283 mm inner diameter shim coils providing z0, z2, z3, z4, xz, yz, xy, x2-y2,z(xy), z(x2-y2), z2x and z2y shims. 


A variety of radiofrequency volume coils and surface coils are available for use with these gradient systems.
  1. 1H 18mm inner diameter linear transceiver volume coil for mouse imaging manufactured by MR Tech Facility, UC San Francisco
  2. 1H 35mm inner diameter, 59 mm outer diameter, 42 mm to center linear transceiver volume coil with 200W maximum transmit pulse. Model T8102 
  3. 1H 72mm inner diameter, 112 mm outer diameter, 270 mm mechanical length, 110 mm symmetrical coil-center electrical length linear transceiver volume coil with active decoupling and 750W maximum transmit pulse of 5 ms.. Model T10720 
  4. 1H 154mm inner diameter, 200 mm outer diameter, 165 mm to center linear transceiver volume coil with 1000W maximum transmit pulse. Model T6594 
  5. 1H receive-only surface coil with active decoupling 100 mm x 70 mm x 12 mm with 30 mm inner diameter with maximum peak pulses power of 750 W. Model T8042 
  6. 1H Quadrature array receive-only surface coil with active-decoupling. 
  7. 1H/13C Dual-tuned transceiver surface coil with 20 mm inner diameter. Model T6614 
  8. 1H/31P Dual-tuned 300 MHz/121 MHz transceiver surface coil with 20 mm inner diameter. Model T6615
  9. 1H 72 mm inner diameter, 112 mm outer diameter, 93 mm to center linear transceiver volume coil, maximum peak power 500W. Model T5874 
  10. 1H 105 mm x 60 mm x 25 mm receive-only mouse head coil array. Model T11765 

Full physiological monitoring is available including core temperature control and monitoring of heart and ventilation rate, end-tidal PCO2 and (non-invasive) blood pressure. A surgical suite which includes a surgical microscope and a downdraft air exhaust table is located in the adjoining room. The surgery and magnet rooms are equipped with isoflurane gas anesthesia equipment. A dedicated Linux workstation operating the Bruker Paravision 5.1 software is available for offline image and spectroscopy processing. In addition the Brain Mapping Center operates a ring of high performance Macintosh workstations and a RAID data storage system, which are available to Center users. The 7.0 T 30 cm MRI Laboratory is available for use by UCLA-affiliated investigators who have research studies that require imaging of samples, various phantoms and postmortem tissues. Operation and maintenance costs are recovered through user fees.